About Us

We founded Allovely from our hometown,and surround ourselves by creative people all day long. Our vision was to create a brand endowed with a novel joyful lifestyle. Every one of us loves to create, and eagers to create something special for you!

We wish to bring the spirit of summer alive in product, and combined with the integrity and passion we bring to the design process. Here you can discover endless supply of contemporary fashion that seamlessly connects with your life. If you plan to spend money on outfitting yourself in style from head to toe, then we are definitely a very good choice!

Our minimalistic approach is offering the best selection at the best price. We will continue to improve our customer service. Contact us with any questions through our Contact Us page, and don't forget to follow and like us on Facebook and Instagram.

We hope that you enjoy our products as much as we do.

From Allovely Team


Address:xifei road 88, jiutingzhen Shanghai China